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Exterior Painting & Windows

High quality exterior painting in Smyrna, GA


Since we’ve been in business, we’ve painted the interiors of some of the most beautiful homes and buildings in Smyrna. We understand how important your investment is and take extra precaution when it comes to neatness during the job. From start to finish, we promise to deliver a superior job. We want your paint job to look as good as new and last for years to come, so we only use top-quality equipment from brands like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore Paints.

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Beautiful Exterior Painting Services in Smyrna.


Our exterior painters have been working in Smyrna for years, and provided our customers with the highest quality and reliable services. We’re dedicated to saving you time and effort — what our team does in days that could take none professionals weeks to complete!

Replacement Windows


Smyrna Roofing also provide replacement of windows, as you know windows come in many styles, shapes, features and glass packages. Our products known for their excellent thermal performance to their wide array of styles. The choices of the type of windows will be decided by our customers following consutation.

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Outside Home Painting Preparation

  1. Pressure wash exterior walls, eaves, trim and gutters
  2. Bleach any mildew
  3. Scrape any loose or peeling paint, power sand if needed
  4. Fill nail and other holes
  5. Prime all metal and bare wood
  6. Repair nail pops, cracks and dings
  7. Clean and prep trim and other exterior surfaces
  8. Fill seams and joints
  9. Caulk windows and other exterior joints
  10. Mask outside windows and doors completely
  11. Cover and protect walkways, plants, and scrubs
  12. Protect pools, outside furniture, and vehicles